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Cheating at Online Roulette

By: Johnson, Barb, Wednesday October 28th 2009

The saying of “cheaters never prosper” tends to ring true at online casinos. However, that doesn’t stop many players from trying to break a few rules to get ahead at actual casinos. Popular games like roulette draw in many cheaters with the goal of getting ahead. Players can gain insight into how a cheater accomplishes this task or even how a casino has tried to cheat the system over the years. While few of the techniques are possible at online casinos, it is interesting to see how a simple game of roulette can be manipulated in a number of clever and not so clever ways.

The game of roulette lends itself to cheating by both the player and the casino. Some of these forms of cheating come through the rigged wheel. This would be cheating on the part of the casino, making money by having players roll out on a rigged wheel. Up until 1931, this was a common practice among gaming outlets. However, new laws were put into place that made it clear a gaming outfit could lose their license. Back in the day, equipment would be seized to determine if it was rigged. Despite the setback so to speak for gaming venues, players still continued to put up good money to play a legitimate game. The rigged wheels disappeared.

Casinos have also cheated the roulette system with magnets. In order for magnets to be of use to a casino, the venue would have to have a roulette ball with steel inside. This cheating technique allowed the casinos to guide the ball just where they wanted it, usually to a less advantageous area of the wheel for players. Other desperate casinos try to tamper with the wheel itself. This can be in the forms of putting glue in the pockets to change the bounce of the ball on the roulette casino game.

For players, cheating techniques are a little bit less technical. Many put into place the idea of late betting. If a casino does not have a rule of placing a betting after the ball has been spun, many players take advantage and try to get in a late bet. This cheating style can be hard to actually carry out. Usually players do this when the dealer is looking at the wheel before looking back to the table. This can be difficult for there is little time to pull of this cheating technique with roulette.

Cheating has become more of a taboo these days with many players turning to casinos online that uphold the highest standards in gaming practices. With many companies geared specifically towards looking out for whether a casino is fair, players don’t really have to worry about cheating. However, a simple game of roulette over time lent itself to cheats, both players and casinos, looking to get ahead of one another. Even at actual casinos today, players can keep their eyes peeled for those roulette cheaters slipping in bets at the last minute or casinos using magnets on their roulette ball.

Learn how players used techniques to cheat at roulette

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