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Windows Casino features TIFF promo

By: Carly Waters, Monday November 5th 2012

It’s coming up to that time of year when the Toronto International film festival is about to start and while celebrities and film makers will be trekking to the city of Toronto, there are online casinos looking to make average players feel like stars as well so they can get the most of the event even if they can’t attend on their own. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an invite to knock elbows with the A-list celebrities that are present in the events, but one leading online casino is making a point to giveaway tickets to TIFF. Windows Casino is giving away tickets to the September 18th closing night Gala, which is one of the most prestigious evenings of the Toronto International Film Festival. Not only will a lucky player get a pair of tickets, they’ll also receive accommodations and a plane fair if they’re not from Toronto, so that really opens up the competition to those from all around the world!

You won’t believe how easy it is to win tickets from Windows Casino either, players are entered into the draw to win their TIFF tickets just by betting at Windows Casino; something that they’re likely to do anyways! Players need to deposit at least $20 in order to be entered in the draw, although that is the minimum deposit for most deposit methods anyways. The deposit needs to be made before the 29th of August in order to be eligible, but then players will find that they are able to win! A token is given for each player who makes an eligible deposit to give them more chances to win when the draw takes place!

This online casino called Windows Casino is one that’s powered by Playtech. Unfortunately that does mean that players in the US are not able to participate in this draw or the trip to TIFF, but players from other parts of the world and Canada can. Windows Casino has a wide variety of games that appeal to anyone and there is a download and instant play version. Some of the top progressive slot games are available as well as a large number of other games that include table games, video poker and much more. Players will find that they can really appreciate the variety at Windows Casino. With a chance to win TIFF tickets, there’s no better incentive!

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