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Kiss III - Blackjack Counting System

The KISS II blackjack system was not one that necessarily invited implementation from people who wanted to play the game on more of a full-time basis. The count is not ace-reckoned, and did not lend itself to a high betting correlation (which measures the percentage of betting situations the count will recognize). The next generation of that count is the KISS III, which represents a great improvement and like the KISS II, was formulated by Fred Renzey.

Renzey is a veteran player with a strong understanding of the mathematics of blackjack. At the same time, he's said that many of the blackjack books out on the market today either contain inaccurate or useless information, or are written in such a away that they are too technical. So he tried to fill the void with something called his "Blackjack Bluebook" and "Blackjack Bluebook II."

The KISS III is a blackjack system that is included in the latter book.

The KISS III has a strong betting correlation (.98), which is close to a 10% advance over the previous version of the count. You are going to suffer a little bit with the playing efficiency (where you deal with playing variations), but most experts are of the opinions that variations on Basic blackjack strategy can be minimized without losing a whole lot of efficiency anyway. The insurance correlation (how many potentially profitable insurance situations it finds) is a solid .78.

The tags for the KISS III are a little different for the KISS II. There are five card ranks that will be counted as +1, and those are the 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. All ten-value cards (Ten, Jack, Queen and King) are counted as -1, and like the KISS II, Renzey has the player counting 2's of one color (e.g., the reds - hearts and diamonds) while leaving the others neutral (not counted). A departure from KISS II is that he has the Ace counted as -1, and this would account for the higher betting correlation.

What's good about the KISS III, as compared to the KISS II, is that it is almost as easy to learn and use. In fact, it is a level-one count because there are no card values that go to a higher level on either side of the scale than -1 and +1. Again, it is an unbalanced count (that is, it is not a zero sum per deck, but in this case, +2) but because of the ace-reckoning, there isn't a side count that is required, nor are there true count conversions. That's something that can make life easier for the counter, and even adds accuracy, because of the natural difficulty in attaining exactitude with that kind of exercise.

I would say that with KISS III, Renzey accomplishes his objective, in that he has come up with a count that improves his previous effort, adds power, and at the same time manages to "keep it simple," although you would not be "stupid" at all to adopt this strategy of play.

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