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When it comes to three-reel, one-payline, three-coin slots games, Bank On It! is a very exciting offering that comes to you from Real Time Gaming (RTG), one of the more innovative and dependable names in the online casino software industry. Bank On It! is intentionally designed to look like one of those slot machines that you see in a Las Vegas casino, and just to make you feel right at home, RTG has inserted a couple of levers - one on each side. However, because you're in the virtual environment, we think the possibilities in this game are endless.

When you use "Point and Click" capability, it's easier on the arms to begin with. I wonder if it could get any simpler than to just mouse over the button that says "Spin Reel" and click on it to get things underway. Well, before you do that, stop and make some decisions, like, for example, how much of a coin denomination you are going to play. Bank On It! has three choices for you - 5, 25 or 100 units. You then decide how many coins to play, In this game, you can play one, two or three coins on any spin.

Bank On It! is pretty impressive from a graphics perspective, and it produces a realistic atmosphere that would be familiar if you are a veteran of brick-and-mortar casinos. You can give all the compliments for that goes to the sharp people at RTG, who are obssessed with providing a life-like ambiance for players. The last thing you want froma slots game is something that is needlessly distracting or confusing, and RTG takes care of that just fine - the interface is clean and user-friendly, and the software offers all the safety and security you expect from a world-class operation.

The highest fixed jackpot you can get, based on betting the maximum three coins, is 1400 coins, and you'll get that when you are able to achieve three red Sevens (7's) in a row on the one and only payline. Blue sevens across will produce 600 coins.

Here are the rest of the jackpots, and as we mentioned, all of it is based on making the maximum three-coin wager:

Any Sevens - 450
Triple Bars - 300
Double Bars - 150
Wild & Cherry - 150
Single Bars - 75
Any Bars - 15
One Wild - 15
One Cherry - 6

There is also a wild symbols in this game, and for simplicity's sake, it is the symbol that says "Wild." As you are aware, wild symbols can be used to substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning combination.

There's more - and it's enough to make you move around in the pig slop. Well, you know what we mean. Whenever you come up with three "blanks" across the reels, the coins you bet on that spin go into a "piggy bank." At the same time you'll a loud pig squeal (and please don't turn the sound down, because this is one of the real pleasures of the game).

If you happen to get three "Pig" symbols in a row when betting with a maximum three-coin wager, you win everything that has been gathered in the piggy bank. Hey, it may not wind up being a lot, but on the other hand it's possible that you could win more than what is in the highest jackpot as well

As is usually the case with RTG, you can exert control all the sounds that are a part of the game, turning them up or turning them off at your pleasure. The RTG visuals are among the best in the business, and you can see them bigger by expanding them to full-screen mode.

Just make sure you understand that unlike other areas of life, it's quite alright to "pig out" when you play this game.

That's one you can go to the bank on, we promise!
Game Rating Details:   0.0 / 10
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